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After spending over three decades in the legal and medical industries, respectively, we have just had enough of the corporate culture and politics, HR, and most importantly, corporate geeks. We are actually quite appreciative and not bitter but, none-the-less, have had enough. Now it’s time to have some fun!

Our 500 sq. ft. workshop is nestled in a rural setting in the Southern California Mountains. It is fully equipped with CAD / CNC technology, as well as a full complement of woodworking equipment. We have been “tinkerin’ around” with woodworking for several years and have built most of the furniture in our home.

Originally from the rural Midwest, our married life has always been about doing projects and learning together. A great weekend for us is working in our shop without interruption, while listening to Baroque and Blues music. We also hang out with our Beagles (shown in the profile picture). In all honesty, the beagles are just “window dressing,” as they are mostly a distraction and not much help.

Do you have an idea that you want to create? We love when our customers bring us an idea. Working with them to create something special and important to them brings us the most gratification … we’ve learned much and have been given some great ideas from our customers. To us, creating a family heirloom worth having your children fight over is success. Share your idea with us and we will work to create something you love.

We charge for materials, carve time and time and materials for finishing, not for design time. We just don’t find any reason to charge for the fun stuff! Got an idea? Give us a chance to create something of value for you.

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