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Our wine rack kit is your opportunity to have a personalized / customized wine rack with old world charm at a reasonable cost. Be creative … so many different methods to finish Carved from .8” Red Oak with dimensions of 21.5 x 10 x 10.5 inches.

This kit includes all wood components cut and all exposed surfaces finish-sanded and ready for you to assemble and finish. The entire piece will be assembled for dry - fit it in our shop. Also included are #6 wood screws and .375 oak screw caps. All you need is a 3/32 drill bit / small sander to “flush out” the screw caps after installation, small square and a Phillips screw driver.

Comprehensive instructions and contact information will be provided should you have any questions during your assembly … YUP, we are in the shop most Saturdays and will respond to inquiries as needed. The difficulty level would be considered moderate. NOPE, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, just a little patience, with the total assembly time under an hour. If you think you are not at a moderate skill level, get a bottle of wine and ask a friend with those skills to assist! Also included in the instructions are recommendations / tips for finishing. 

Message us with your requested font / content (note: some fonts work better than others, but we'll try!). We will send a bmp image to you for approval prior to production. You will also need to choose whether you want the" In Vino Veritas" image (in wine truth) or the decorative wine bottle / glass / grapes image on the side panels.


Wine rack also available finished and assembled.  Additional shipping cost may apply.

DIY Personalized 2-Tier Red Oak Wine Rack Kit

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